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Department Directory

Please feel free to call these numbers directly to reach a particular office or service of West Florida Hospital.

To reach a patient's room:

West Florida Hospital - dial 494-4 and the room number
West Florida Rehabilitation Institute - dial 494-64 and the last two digits of the room number

Department Phone Number
Billing/Patient Accounts(850) 494-4120
Classes & Event Registration(850) 494-3212
Diabetes Center(850) 494-4950
Emergency Department(850) 494-3737
Employment(850) 494-4113
Family Birthplace(850) 494-4368
h2u(850) 494-4961
Health Education Center(850) 494-4810
Main Hospital Switchboard(850) 494-4000
Marketing & Public Relations(850) 494-4139
Medical Records(850) 494-6500
Memory Disorder Clinic(850) 494-6497
Patient Information(850) 494-4192
Physician Referral/Consult-A-Nurse(850) 494-3212
Prenatal Education(850) 494-4811
Senior Health Services(850) 494-4885
Sleep Disorders Center(850) 494-4850
Telecommunications Line for the Deaf(850) 494-6576
West Florida Healthcare Administration(850) 494-4100