Memory Disorder Clinic

The Memory Disorder Clinic is the only such clinic designated by the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs to serve the Northwest Florida area. The Clinic provides a comprehensive evaluation in an accessible, convenient manner for patients concerned about memory disorders, Alzheimer's Disease, and related dementias.

Comprehensive Assessment

The Memory Disorder Clinic has been designed to provide patients with convenient and carefully coordinated access to the appropriate medical expertise and diagnostic services available through West Florida Hospital. 

Who May Benefit

The Memory Disorder Clinic may be beneficial to persons with one or more of the following: memory loss, change in thinking ability, judgment or concentration, difficulty with speech, reading, writing, or other skills, and personality changes.

Patients may contact the Clinic directly or arrange referral through a personal physician.

For more information about the Memory Disorder Clinic at West Florida Hospital, call (850) 494-6497.

Our patients have access to an experienced team of physicians, nurses, clinicians and rehabilitation specialists.
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