Hotel Booking Tips

  1. Be specific. Don’t book a room just because it has been rated accessible. Identify your needs and ask detailed questions. Does it have grab bars, a roll in shower, etc.
  2. Ask about the distance in between wall if you travel with special equipment.
  3. Ask for the height of the sink and if cabinets are underneath.
  4. If you use a wheelchair, ask about the height of the closet, AC control panel, mini-bar, light switches and any other relevant items.
  5. It is preferable that you call directly the hotel to reserve the room so that you may ask specific questions.
  6. Ask if the grab bars are by the sink, toilet, tub and shower.
  7. If needed, ask if the mini bar can be used to store special medication.
  8. Many multi-story hotels put their “accessible” rooms on upper floors. ASK. Remember, in case of fire, the elevators don’t work.
  9. Make sure the bathroom door opens out.

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