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Emergency admissions to The Pavilion are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients can be referred to The Pavilion by psychiatrists, other physicians, psychologists, mental health professionals, community agencies, employers, the judicial system, clergy, educators, families, friends, and self. The Assistance and Referral Program begins with a telephone call. When you need help, we're here!

Immediate Response

You will receive help immediately. No waiting for days or even hours. Trained and experienced mental health professionals are available around the clock at The Pavilion.

Crisis Intervention

The Assistance and Referral staff can mediate a crisis and put you and your doctor in touch with qualified professionals who are on call to assist you right away.


Individual one-on-one assessment for patient and/or family is available through The Pavilion Assistance and Referral Program. A wide range of professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors is available to provide additional assessment if needed.


The Assistance and Referral Program can provide the necessary services and personnel to effectively determine your medical needs and will provide you and your doctor with a timely report of findings and resolution.

Facilitated Admission

For patients meeting The Pavilion's admission criteria, the program will help facilitate admission, smoothing the transition to treatment or care and minimizing paperwork and delays.

Assisted Referrals

Qualified Pavilion staff will evaluate your needs, as well as your family's, and make arrangements for appropriate referrals, whether to a psychologist, psychiatrist, nursing home, psychiatric facility, or medical doctor. Also, you and your doctor will be kept informed throughout the process. The Assistance and Referral staff is well versed in the services at The Pavilion, but also maintains a comprehensive community resource directory for other appropriate sources of care.