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COVID-19 and pregnancy - An update for our patients

We would like to take this opportunity to update you about your maternity care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and assure you that our dedicated team of expert nurses, physicians and midwives are committed to providing safe and effective care to every patient who walks through our doors.

COVID-19 and pregnancy - an update for our patients

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A family affair

We understand that giving birth is a family affair, and we encourage the involvement of family and friends in the birth process.

We provide accommodations for your baby's father or a loved one to be with you 24 hours a day, not only during labor and delivery, but throughout your hospital stay. After birth, your baby will stay with you in your room. In addition, grandparents, other family members and friends are invited to visit with you and the baby as often as you'd like.

Custom-designed delivery

The Family Birthplace offers birth plans for the most common delivery circumstances.

You choose how you want to give birth. We'll work with you to design your birth experience to fit your needs and desires. Our staff is well trained in all childbirth techniques. We will encourage you in whatever method of delivery you and your physician or midwife choose. At the Family Birthplace, you are a team member in your birth. Our Birth Options List is available for you to complete during your pregnancy so that you, and we, know what to expect during your stay.

LDRP: No more musical doors

It's important to have the people you want and need close by, but we also understand the importance of privacy. We've put an end to the game of musical doors where you're continually moved from labor room to delivery room to recovery room.

The maternity suites at The Family Birthplace are designed so that most mothers will labor, deliver and remain in the same birthing suite throughout the entire hospital stay. The physicians, midwives, nurses, and necessary equipment come to you. This system ensures that you and your family have the optimum privacy to share this very personal, intimate time together. This concept is called LDRP (labor / delivery / recovery / postpartum care).

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Labor and delivery virtual tour

Due to visitor restrictions, we are not offering in-person tours at West Florida Hospital. However, please feel free to take a virtual tour of our Labor and Delivery floor prior to your due date. We hope to resume in person tours soon.