When it comes to your privacy, you wouldn't think of sharing your bedroom or even a hotel room with a stranger. So why would you share your hospital room at a time when you are not feeling your best and need your privacy?

At West Florida Hospital we proudly offer all private rooms to our patients at no additional charge. We understand that a private room makes you more comfortable. And when you are more comfortable you get more rest and recover faster. We also know that a private room reduces the chances for infection and lowers the level of stress which results in you having a shorter length of stay.

That is why in 2006 both the American Institute of Architects Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities and the Florida Building Codes changed to require that all new hospitals be built to provide all private rooms.

Next time you or a loved one needs to be hospitalized, ask your physician to choose West Florida Hospital. If your physician is not on staff at West Florida Hospital, please ask them to apply for privileges so that you too can experience our difference.

If you need a physician who has already committed to being part of our difference, please call the West Florida Hospital physician referral line at 850-494-3212.