Dysphagia, or difficulty with swallowing, is a medical disorder that impacts up to 15 million Americans with up to one million receiving a new diagnosis of dysphagia each year. Dysphagia can occur as a result of conditions such as stroke, head and neck cancer, other neuromuscular conditions like Parkinson's and ALS, or deconditioning as a result of the aging process.

If one or more of the following signs and symptoms of dysphagia is present, you or your loved one may be a candidate for dysphagia therapy:

  • Difficulty initiating a swallow
  • Coughing or throat clearing during, or after eating
  • Wet voice quality
  • Recurring chest infections
  • Difficulty completing a meal
  • Feeling of food being stuck in throat

All of our speech therapists are licensed, certified health care professionals with a master's degree in speech pathology.

Our Services

An Evaluation Including:

  • Oral motor examination and clinical dysphagia evaluation
  • Education on safe swallow and prevention of aspiration pneumonia
  • Recommendations for further services

Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study
(Modified Barium Swallow):

  • Conducted by speech-language pathologist in conjunction with radiologist
  • Provides x-ray video of swallow to identify specific impairments with swallowing mechanism and determine presence of aspiration
  • Allows for determination of appropriate diet and further treatment recommendations

Comprehensive treatment including:

  • Identification of safest food and liquid consistencies
  • Identification of safe swallowing protocol to reduce risk of aspiration pneumonia
  • Individualized swallowing exercise program.
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (VitalStim) treatment modality as appropriate
  • Stimulation (VitalStim) treatment modality as appropriate
  • Ongoing patient/caregiver education and support

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A referral from a Florida licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant is required.