Selecting and purchasing a wheelchair has always been an important decision for people with physical disabilities. The right wheelchair must address comfort, proper fit, lifestyle issues, future mobility goals, and financial considerations.

The West Florida Rehabilitation Institute offers a wheelchair seating clinic open to anyone needing a wheelchair, including current users wishing to replace or upgrade their equipment, newly-disabled individuals who may benefit from expert consultation of equipment needs, or those with progressive disabilities who feel they may benefit from improved adaptive equipment.

The client may be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team to determine his/her needs and preferences.

A referral from a Florida licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant is required.


As a hospital specializing in physical rehabilitation, we offer several unique advantages to our clients which include:

  • Assessment by a physical therapist specializing in wheelchair seating and evaluation of the user's lifestyle requirements and functional abilities
  • Local vendors attend and provide equipment and information on availability and cost of specific wheelchairs
  • Equipment prescriptions and letters of medical necessity are provided by the physical therapist to the referring physician

The client is responsible for choosing an ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) vendor who will order the prescribed wheelchair. If the client has no preferences, then an ATP vendor will be chosen on a rotational basis. When the wheelchair arrives, a free follow-up visit is encouraged to ensure proper fit and adjustment.

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