The West Florida Rehabilitation Institute is able to provide rehabilitation at every step of recovery, including inpatient and outpatient programs. At every stage, our goal is to help you maximize your functional independence, find emotional strength and confidence, and successfully transition back to home, work and the community.

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

Our Rehabilitation Team

Physical Therapy (PT): PT focuses on functional mobility training, gait/assistive device training, seating/positioning, tone management, therapeutic exercise to enhance strength and range of motion, pain management, balance and neuromuscular re-education to assist with restoration of function and maximize functional independence.

Occupational Therapy (OT): OT works on returning you to daily life through occupation (an occupation is anything that people do during the course of everyday life). This will include the physical and cognitive skills to engage in activities in your environment and resume your life roles, which include self-care, productivity and leisure. They will also address, as needed, your neuromuscular recovery, low-vision accommodations, visual perceptual issues, positioning, splinting, sensation, tone management, adaptive equipment use, range of motion and strengthening in attempt to return you to everyday life.

Speech Language Pathology (SLP or ST): SLPs or STs assess and treat swallowing, cognitive issues, communication skills, including understanding and using language skills, swallow assessment and intervention, clarity of speech, and alternative communication methods.

Rehabilitation Psychology: The rehabilitation psychologist will assist you and your family during your inpatient stay with adjustments to medical conditions and will provide education related to emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral correlates of injury/illness.

Therapeutic Recreation (TR)/Recreational Therapy: TR includes educating you and your family on the importance of continuing leisure interests after discharge. During your inpatient stay, the Recreational Therapist will incorporate community reintegration therapy, adaptive sports/recreation, leisure skill building and education, aquatic therapy, community resources, assistance with peer mentors and practice of the skills you learn from other therapists to translate to real life settings.

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